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Common Cycling Accidents

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While some hazards and situations are uniquely detrimental to cyclists (like potholes), all road users will experience accidents that commonly occur in the same way. Sadly, car drivers are less likely to see or think about cyclists and motorcyclists, and therefore the chances of a road traffic accident occurring are higher.

In addition, as vulnerable road users, the injuries sustained by cyclists in these types of accidents can be severe. What might be little more than a dented bumper for a car, can cause serious and potentially life changing injuries for a cyclist. It is important to have a solicitor that understands that.

The most common accident circumstances are:

  • Rear end collision with bicycle
  • Car turning right across the path of the cyclist
  • Car pulling out of a side road into the path of cyclist
  • Car pulling out from a parking space into the path of cyclist
  • Car pulling out to perform a U-turn

Although cars are the most common, these circumstances can apply to all vehicle types including buses, lorries, vans and farm vehicles.


Liability – who is to blame for the accident?

Usually, these types of accident are straightforward. The other driver should see the cyclist and it is ultimately their actions that have caused the collision. It is clearly no excuse to say that they couldn’t see the cyclist.

However, sometimes it is difficult for drivers to accept that they could be careless enough not to see another road user. Often this can result in an initial dispute of liability and you need to ensure you have a solicitor with enough experience to push back on that, not be fobbed off by the driver’s insurance company and get liability admitted as quickly as possible.

Often, a collision with the other driver is avoided by the cyclist taking evasive action, swerving or jumping from their bike to avoid a head-on crash. This doesn’t alter the other driver’s negligent actions nor prevent the cyclist from claiming against the driver just because they didn’t actually collide with the vehicle. Often, evasive action is the best form of defence against serious injury, but jumping from the bike or sliding down the road will still cause injury and the other driver remains the cause of those injuries.

Why choose cycle claim line?

Our legal team has a huge amount of experience when it comes to cycling and motorcycling accident claims. We have specialised in two wheel claims for nearly 30 years. We understand how even in common or fairly minor collisions, the impact and the injuries can be severe. Injuries sustained can be more complex and we’re very familiar with the different and the recovery process, as well as the right level of compensation that should be awarded. In some cases, liability can be disputed and we have the experience and the tenacity to not allow the other driver or their insurance company to delay the case by denying fault. We will NEVER accept the argument that no collision means no blame. We always hold the actions of the driver to account. We’re proud of our 96% win rate and our longstanding record of standing up for and representing the rights of cyclists and motorcyclists. We always work under a conditional fee agreement (commonly referred to as a “no win no fee agreement”). You do not need to have legal cover or legal protection. If your case is not successful, you do not have to pay a penny.

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