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At Cycle Claim Line, we aim to make the process as clear and as simple as possible. From the first call to the final settlement, you will have a specialist team working hard to win your case. Here is how the team operates:

Initial enquiry

The period after a bicycle accident can be confusing, frustrating and even quite daunting. Especially if the injury was severe, or you’re enquiring on behalf of a loved one, or the circumstances surrounding the accident were not straightforward. Very often you are faced with more questions than answers. That’s where we can help. You can get in touch with us and be safe in the knowledge that we have the experience and technical expertise to be able to quickly advise you as to the best course of action. We can also promise you a friendly, honest, approachable and down to earth team at the other end of the phone. We’re here to help however we can. All advice is free.

Case acceptance

We will very quickly be able to advise whether or not we feel you have a case. While we will always use our experience to give you an honest assessment, we do take on a lot of cases that other less specialised firms will not entertain. We always work on ‘conditional fee’ basis, commonly known as a no win-no fee agreement. While this term seems to have had some negative publicity lately around car accidents, essentially it just means that if your case is not successful, and you’ve cooperated fully with your legal team here, you will walk away without paying a penny. We never ask for any payments up front. You can proceed with your case through Cycle Claim Line, and rest safe in the knowledge that you will not be left out of pocket.

Evidence gathering

Some cycling accident claims are straight forward and can be dealt with relatively quickly and without the need to gather extensive evidence. However, when you have an accident that is not straight forward, that is where is a specialist legal team is essential. In cases where liability is perhaps denied, the other party drove away, or where the accident was caused by a road defect, you need to be confident that you have a legal team that understands the law in this area, and will ensure all the correct evidence is obtained. Whether it is obtaining road inspection records, police reports and/or evidence surrounding the extent of your losses such as repair and replacement quotes, we know exactly how to prepare a case that gives you the best possible chance of obtaining the very best possible outcome.

Medical evidence & recovery

Cyclists are considered vulnerable road users in the highway code – and rightly so. Like pedestrians and motorcyclists, cyclists do not have the added protection of their own vehicle. Even at lower speeds, impacts can be more severe and often the most serious injuries are caused in the aftermath of the collision. Road rash, fractures caused by falling to the road surface and collisions with kerbs, parked cars and other motorists are just some of the causes of secondary injury we have seen over our 30 year history. It is important that your legal team understands this, and obtains the right medical experts to prepare a report to not only ensure you receive the correct level of compensation, but also to ensure that any past and future treatment and care costs are included.


Perhaps the most important thing is to have a confident and experienced legal team who will not be fobbed off by the council or insurance companies when it comes to who was liable for your accident. Too often car drivers will blame cyclists regardless of what happened. Unless you have a legal team that knows the law in this area, you run the risk of having your case fold under pressure or simply dragging on without conclusion. The job of your legal team is to ensure that you get the best possible result. That’s what we do. While we aim to settle your case as quickly as possible so that you can move on, we will not bow to pressure when we feel its unjust. We issue court proceedings twice as often as the industry average, and have a 96% win rate. Your case is in safe hands.


Settling a case is always a two way discussion. We’re here to ensure you have all the facts and the correct advise, but it is your case and we always discuss things with you before bringing your case to a satisfactory conclusion. We will ensure you are happy with the amount and are able to get back to your pre accident position as closely as possible.

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